Contemporary American Artist

Images-of-AndalusiaPainting is pure joy...ainting is pure joy for me. Perhaps it is because I have waited so long to pursue it.

My pictures rarely begin with a drawing...y pictures rarely begin with a drawing, but with a manipulation of color and space, dark and light, movement and areas of stillness. As the painting begins to take on form, ideas develop furture. The painting begins to have a life of its own.

Some pictures seem to declare ...ome pictures seem to declare a direction for themselves during the process, and as an artist, my job is to nudge it in the direction it seeks. The difficulty is in trying to find the right balance that helps to communicate an idea, or present a paradox or a provocative combination of forms that sets up a reflective thought process for the viewer.

It is my hope...t is my hope that each viewer finds something that touches him or her in a personal way.

 have enjoyed painting abstractly in the recent past as abstract paintings do not dictate what one is supposed to think. I feel that this aids the viewer in becoming more sensitive to his or her emotional responses.